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Boarding Kennel Services

Boarding Kennel Palmerston North

We offer your pets ...

  • Individual Attention
  • High Quality Food
  • Specialised diets, and medications administered
  • Pet Taxi Service
  • Lots of Exercise, and lots of Cuddles


Each day starts at 6:30am with the dogs let out into the play and exercise yards individually. While they're having fun and stretching their legs, their kennel is thoroughly cleaned and water replenished. By 8am dogs are in their kennels and breakfast has been served.

Around 12pm the dogs have another exercise and play session while all kennel units are cleaned again, and then its back inside by 3pm. This exercise time is used as a health check and comfort session on a one on one basis Your pet will be spoken to by name while being patted, cuddled and reassured that you will be returning soon. After any new arrivals have been settled, dinner is provided at about 6pm.

All kennels have a bedding area with a raised sleeping area and is covered to protect dogs from the elements while still allowing them to see each other and the exercise area. This helps recent arrivals to acclimatise and gain confidence.

Vaccination Requirements
All dogs are required to be fully vaccinated (Annual Kennel Cough Vaccination for Dogs is compulsory) and a Vet Certificate/ Booklet must accompany your pet on booking in.

All vaccinations must be administered at least 72 hours prior to boarding. Please ensure you do not vaccinate your pet within 72 hours of coming in to board.

Meals Provided
We have a variety of premium, complete and balanced diet for dogs and cats. Owners wishing to supply special diets are welcome to do so.

As our saying goes - all pets will get cuddles and care! They will always be given individual attention and depending on their social skills, will have other dogs to play with in small groups upon request. We never leave dogs unattended whilst out exercising with others

We are happy to supply your pets with blankets but you are welcome to bring their own and anything that makes them feel more 'at home' (No bean bags please) During each exercise period your pets living quarters are hygienically cleaned and any soiled bedding removed for washing.

Hours for dropping off and collecting pets
Monday to Friday 8am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm. Saturday 8am to 10am and Sunday 4pm to 6pm. Closed on Saturday afternoons. By limiting the drop off and collection times allows the pets to settle in quickly to our routines and reduces their stress by restricting the number of distractions of new animals coming in. This also allows us time to care for your pets, the facilities and our own family.

Unless prior arrangements have been made an after hours call out charge of $25 will be added for arrivals or departures of pets outside opening hours.

While the Kennel and Cattery will be in full operation caring for your pets we do not take arrivals or departures on the following days:
Easter Friday
Easter Sunday
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
January 1st and 2nd

If your dog is coming to us for the first time, we strongly recommend you bring him/her in the morning drop-off slot. This means he/she has the day to interact with us and feel comfortable about staying the night. This assists us to provide a stress free environment.

Small - $18.00
Medium - $19.00
Large - $21.00
Extra Large - $24.00
Entire dogs - $2.00 additional surcharge per day
A daily $4.00 sur-charge will be incurred on Public Holidays
EFTPOS is available – NO Credit Card Facility

Boarding Kennel Palmerston North

We pride ourselves on the loving care aspect of our business and although we can not replace home, our aim is for every dog to have good time while staying with us.